I've been using the same routine as for chemical and Hep A contamination on store-bought fruits and vegetables.

Anything that will be eaten raw gets a good wash/scrub in water with a little dish soap, followed by a thorough rinse, before prep and eating. Peppers, apples, grapes, snap/snow peas, maybe carrots. This includes oranges, since prep can move nasties onto the inner flesh. If the package says "washed and ready to eat" it means it has been given a bleach rinse of appropriate concentration and duration; I may still wash, depending on my mood.

Anything that will be peeled and cooked gets no special treatment, except a rinse to remove dirt if needed. The cutting board and tools get a soap and water wash after prep, as do hands.

Any frozen veg has already been blanched in steam or boiling water, and will be cooked anyway. No problem there.

Edit: if it comes prep-packaged in a plastic bag, the surface of the plastic is more likely to carry CV-19 than the contents. IMHO, a good wipe with a cloth and soapy water is likely the best cure. But I'm no medical professional.

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