First of all, hello again. It's been a while.
Glad to hear of your lessons learned.

I'd like to knock down a few of your concerns, in a positive fashion.

If we look to Italy as the "this is as bad as it's going to get" it's pretty ugly...BUT.

For most people, life is just...boring. The food supplies are fine. The medical equipment supply lines, not so much. But there are so many people wanting to help in some way. Are you sewing medical masks? Are you 3D printing ventilator valves? Are you STAYING OUT OF THE WAY?? That's what you need to do.

As far as energy, water and telecom, no, that's not a real risk. Same with logistics. The cows will get fed the milk will get supplied, etc. etc. America is a net food exporter.
Also, FWIW, you can wipe your ass with a washcloth and clean the cloth in soap and water. That's how cloth diapers work and you don't actually need TP if you have some washcloths.

Do you know what you need to worry about? A natural disaster overlay on this whole thing. A hurricane. An earthquake. Something like that. But the Pandemic itself - it's already ending in Asia, and it will end in Europe and it will end here.

I suggest you turn off the TV, get a good book and a nice glass of wine or something and take a break.