I'm an optimist on some levels which is funny because I'm a cynic on a day to day basis. grin What is the old saying? Be polite but have a plan to kill everyone you meet? smirk The media loves stories about people going all Mad Max but my experiences have shown folks pull together in a crisis. Of course, I've not see one quite like this.

I'm a self-described gun nut, and at age 50 I've seen this movie a few times. The ammo panics of the past have been self inflicted and this probably no different. But just since I've seen it before and because I like to shoot, I have ammo on hand, plenty in the calibers I use the most. While I don't anticipate any "Book of Eli" or "The Road" situations to pop up I am pretty well armed and stocked up.

One of my best friends is a hardcore prepper. I am not. As was noted above, I was drawn to ETS for the wilderness survival information. My being relatively prepared just stems from growing up in the country where this stuff was just common sense.
“I'd rather have questions that cannot be answered than answers that can't be questioned.” —Richard Feynman