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This is the bag I'm using. The current price is $58.95, and it is small enough for me to transport it easily.


This is the next size up. The current price is $344.69. And, as you can see, we're getting into it is not very easy to transport, especially given other things I may need with me in a bugout.


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Lots of other bags on the market from other manufacturers. For example check out CONTERRA. From personal experience, I know CONTERRA makes good stuff. They also make a great line of Aid Belts, and Packs.

Letting the bag determine the contents seems like the wrong way to approach it, in my opinion. Figure out what you really need, then find a suitable bag to carry it in. Or, go modular. A small, easily transported kit with the basic, most immediately needed essentials (CPR mask, trauma shears, dressings, tourniquet, glucose, etc), and a larger kit with nice to have but not absolutely essential items (BP cuff, stethoscope, etc).
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