Well, my son is out of school now, when he went yesterday to get instruction on how to do his work online he found out 5 of his high school friends have tested positive for the virus. None of them are showing in the statistics yet. Don't know why communication is so bad between agencies. Many more of his friends were already out with CV19 like symptoms but couldn't be tested for lack of tests.

The way this was handled by the CDC is really shameful. They refused to let researchers that had data and tests, to proceed- ordered them to stop. Turf wars I suppose.

Local health system is already saying they don't have enough ventilators nor even bed space even tho officially there are only 3 known cases in the whole county. They are avoiding jailing non-violent criminals to prevent crowding. People are being told to not put wet wipes and paper towels down the toilet to avoid plugging up their own pipes as well as the city's. They are to go in the trash to be burned and turned to electricity at the waste to energy plant. Plans are also being discussed to use the incinerator for bodies if we get to the state where funeral homes are overwhelmed. I suppose this will please some folks of dark humor and a recycling minded outlook.

One conundrum is how to provide safe daycare for the children of medical, sanitation and emergency services personnel. Preschoolers aren't amenable to 6' separation from each other, and the normal use of Grandmas is not safe.

My neighbor has taken in a homeless friend because of the cold weather, snow, and virus, but the friend refuses to stay home during the day and goes all over the city visiting his friends on the street and scrounging for stuff he can sell. The neighbors mom is diabetic and on oxygen.

What are people thinking? Stay home at least until there are enough ventilators to go around.