Russ, of course you saaayyyy that you're not a spy. That's exactly what a spy would say. Spy gear is usually stored in a hidden closet, unless there is an entire communication bunker.

We've pretty much been living under the "bug in" thinking. Our only real limited resource is food and (much to my wife's concern) toilet paper. We have a natural gas whole house generator that provides well water, and probably a year's supply of horse hay (there's a hay shortage in WI, so we hoarded a bit to be safe). Right now we stock up with the thought of a 2-4 week self quarantine if one of us gets the big C. Heck, we can get almost anything we need via internet orders.

This area's biggest threats are tornadoes (get to the basement) and forest fire (leave the immediate area for a few days).

I keep what I call my "hiking pack" that is my survival kit. I don't do long treks in deep woods anymore. It contains typical short term (overnight?) survival gear (first aid kit, blades, ferro rod, lighter, tinder, 1 qt nalgene bottle, steripen, gps, compass, two headlamps, paracord, ...), but limited shelter (two 55 gallon bags and two headnets, I do consider our car shelter). Recently I threw in two of Doug's survival kits for good measure. We think our PLB has aged enough to be replaced this summer.

In addition to the PLB, we've been talking about better ... uh... home security equipment (in addition to the dogs). I suspect police response time could approach an hour. We'd be better to call the local ambulance crew.

Oddly, now that we've moved to a pretty rural area one of our biggest concerns is if we get into a big car accident, and nobody knows that there are two dogs and two horses at home that need care. When we go on longer drives we send a brief itinerary to family, and then let them know when we return. The folks around here are amazing. I've joked with out of state family that even a call to the local Shell station would bring the needed help.