i do my main shopping on the first of the month.the local asian grocery store is one stop where i pick up odds and ends like
frozen egg rolls and cooking oil by the gallon.
they carry the butane bottles used in the table top stoves and
i'll pick up a four pack every couple trips so I have a good stock
set aside.
I got another 90 day card for the old TracFone I keep in my car.
I have a smart phone but very seldom use it as my wife's number
is the one called into %90 of the time.
a army buddy is sort of house bound as he can't drive anymore.
my self and another couple guys take him shopping and on trips where he does not want to use a cab.we go to a Cables outdoor store
every few weeks just to get out and i'll buy a few box's of 22's
so I have more than enough for summer plinking and such.
Minneapolis is a safe place to live with no major storms or
earthquakes to prepare for.also no chemical plants to run from
if they blow up.so being prepared is sort at a low level for me.

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