I wasn't sure whether to post this here or on some of the recent firstaid kit posts, but I happened to notice these on the display rack at Home Depot:

These are very inexpensive ($5 for two) tubes of skin glue, used for repairing lacerations, available without a prescription: "Medical cyanoacrylate". Vetbond is the more expensive option also available. Amazon sells Liquidskin Pro also for $15

Washing the wound with soap and water is preferable to betadine, etc. So, carrying a small wrapped bar of soap from you last hotel stay is prudent. Dry the skin, then apply a line of glue across the length of the wound with the edges pushed together; wait a few sec., then apply a second wider application on top of the first layer. Be advised the area gets notably warm as the glue dries (exothermic reaction) which is noticeable but doesn't burn. The glue will slowly flake away over the next 2-3 weeks.

Gluing wounds appears to have a lower risk of a wound infection compared to suturing them: a second reason to keep some in your kit.

I've put them in each of my car kits; it's also a good thing to take backpacking/hiking.

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