good point! Considering how perasie social media are these days, and not just the young'uns. There is another aspect to this notion,however.

I was just lurking on a climbing site where two climbers were bragging about their climb which ended in a helicopter hoist op by the Las Vegas Mountain SAR.

They had bivouacked midway on the climb and with light, not being disabled in any way, they called for rescue. In their posts, they gushed about how neat the hoist was, and all that.

Obviously they were aware of the possibility of a competent,speedy rescue, other wise they might have been a bit more careful on their climb, like carrying the gear to retreat by rappel.

I myself, while extricating a dude from the hills who had no equipment of any sort with him, got the comment 'I wouldn't be out here at all if i didn't know that you guys would help me if I got in trouble."

So for some of the population, news of successful operations simply encourages risky behavior, publicity about good practices apparently not so much.
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