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As an exercise; what kit would you build instead for $100?

Not sure about price but here we go:

  • Ritter PSP
  • Heatsheets 2 person
  • Backup knife
  • Mini Bic with the button secured by a cable tie
  • Backup flashlight
  • a small number of chlorine dioxide tablets
  • 1 liter water bag with some string to carry it

This all fits in a pouch a little larger than two packs of cards. I put this together before Doug came out with the PSP+ (which has a water bag, chlorine dioxide tablets, and backup knife).

I do not pretend it is complete or carries things needed for every situation. I have a PSP that was dedicated to using and testing, and Iíve proven that I can operate the cable-tie-secured-Mini-Bic with either hand. Itís probably time to lubricate the knife and change the battery in the flashlight.