Nursemike, your comments are most enlightening.

My experience has been that the most generally useful item in my FAK has been a 3" or 4" Ace bandage - good for splinting, direct pressure, and all sorts of applications. This has been in non-urban situations where access to an ER was sketchy, to say the least. Although I routinely carried and used a BP cuff on SAR missions, I never had to use one as a TQ. Direct pressure almost always sufficed.

our typical victim had incurred massive trauma, usually from a fall or slip. Gunshot wounds were far less common, and I imagine a TQ would be more generally useful in that situation.

Our plan was to convey the victim to the ER ASAP, where definitive care and expertise awaited. Rapid helicopter transport saved a lot of lives. Only so much you can do in a field situation.
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