The following is the current configuration of my modified medical bag. The items with a link are what I added to the off-the-shelf kit.

(1) Wilderness & Travel Medicine
(1) Tactical Combat Casualty Reference Card
(4) Tactical Combat Casualty Care Card

(1) Biohazard Waste Bag
(1) Rescue Mask, Soft Case
(6) Personal Antimicrobial Wipe
(2) Emergency/Survival Blanket
(2) Respirator Mask
(2) Bear Claw Glove Kit

(2) Combat Application Tourniquet, Rescue Orange
(1) QuikClot, 25 g
(2) Trauma Bandage, 4"
(4) Compressed Gauze

(2) Bolin Chest Seal
(1) Hyfin Vent Chest Seal Twin Pack
(2) Nasopharyngeal Airway w/ Lube, 28 Fr
(2) ARS Decompression Needle, 10 g x 3.25"

(3) Burn Jel, 3.5 g
(1) 30 Band-Aid, 6 Knuckle, 6 Moleskin
(1) Durapore Tape, 1"
(1) Stretch Gauze, 3" x 12 yds.
(1) Wound Closure Strips, 0.25" x 4"
(2) Non-Adherent Dressing, 3" x 4"
(5) Sterile Gauze Pad, 3" x 3"
(6) Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad

(1) Disposable Cold Pack
(1) Disposable Heat Pack
(1) Elastic Bandage Wrap, 4" x 4.5 yds.
(1) Splint, Orange, 4.25" x 36"
(2) Cravat Triangular Bandage

(1) Eye Wash, 4 oz.
(2) Glucose, 15 g
(6) Aspirin, 2/pk (Analgesic)
(6) Diamode, 1/pk (Anti-diarrheal)
(6) Diotame, 2/pk (Stomach)
(6) Diphen, 1/pk (Antihistamine)
(6) Hydrocortisone 1% Creme, 1.5 g
(6) Ibuprofen, 2/pk (Anti-inflammatory)
(6) Triple Antibiotic Ointment, 0.9 g
(2) Hydration Powder
(1) Insect Bite Treatment
(1) Activated Charcoal

(1) Catheter Tip, 18G
(1) Digital Thermometer
(1) EMT Shears, 7.25"
(1) Irrigation Syringe, 20 mL Luer Lock Tip
(1) Tweezers
(3) Safety Pins, 2"
(1) Disposable Penlight
(1) Permanent Marker, Extra Fine Point
(1) Hemostat, Kelly Forceps Straight, 5.5"
(1) Fresnel Lens

Hikermor, in the past, suggested that I include a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff and headlamp. I don't have room for a stethoscope and blood pressure cuff in any of the pockets. Also, I'm not a big fan of having much stuff outside my kit. If I can't include it in my bag or as part of my EDC, don't include it. As for the headlamp, I don't see myself needing it. However, I am open to that idea.

Haertig recommended oral airways in addition to or as a replacement of nasal airways. From everything I've read, use nasal airways, not oral airways.

Acropolis5 recommended safety goggles, a #11 disposable scalpel, that I replace the 3" x 3" with 4" x 4", add more 5" x 9" pads and replace the stretch gauze with CoFlex. Safety goggles won't fit, I don't know if a blade would be a good idea or not, the 4" x 4" came stock but I had to replace them with the 3" x 3" because of space, I removed the 5" x 9" trauma pads because of space and because I now have better trauma items and I removed the CoFlex (which was stock) and replaced it with the stretch gauze because the stock configuration was messing with my O.C.D.

Wound care goes in the wound care pocket, the bleeding items go in the bleeding pockets and the instruments go in the instrument pocket. Don't put things from all thee categories into one pocket and don't have wound care spread throughout three pockets. Companies such as Chinook need to hire people with O.C.D. to help design kits.

Chaos Magnet recommended that I include more medications and gloves; I had to reduce the number of drugs because the stock configuration made it difficult to find and retrieve the medicines I may need. I had to cut the pairs of gloves because I added to the personal protection pocket.

I've considered replacing the QuikClot, 25 g with QuikClot 3" x 4 yds Bleeding Control Dressing.

Since I've reorganized my kit from its stock configuration, I now have an empty pocket. I've wanted two Polycarbonate Eye Shields; I'm not sure which section they should go, immobilization, instruments or other. I still have an empty pocket. I considered a Dental Module; I'm still not convinced I need it. If I do need it, it would be great to have.

Edit: I may have room for the blood pressure cuff and stethoscope if I remove the hot and cold pack.

Jeanette Isabelle

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