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We're considering getting some basic phones for the car kits -- just to be able to call for help.
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Basic pay-as-you-go phones are cheap. This is a very good idea.

Why exactly?

Why not rely on your regular phone in your pocket to call for help?
Why is it a good idea to have an extra item that you never use but you have to keep charged?

3 spare batteries for regular phone are smaller/lighter than an extra phone

The strategy of duplicate items, esp electronics, just in case of, something, hasn't paid off in my land experience.

Also, some basic phones for sale now, even with touchscreen, are only 3G, and 3G is going away soon.
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An old cellphone with a working charger can still call 911.

Old phones wont work for long,
AT&T shutdown its 2G Network on December 31, 2016
The big networks will shutdown 2G and 3G by 2020/2021
No network no phonecalls

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