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Current speculation about the origin of the fire is centered on battery recharging, especially lithium-ion batteries which were most likely present. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to establish the cause of the fire as clearly as possible before advocating changes in procedures, criticism of the crew's training and actions, etc. None of us were there and we have no idea of the situation with which the crew had to deal.

FWIW, current news articles state that the victims probably died in their sleep, overwhelmed by toxic gases and smoke. The remains of one individual are still missing.

Since I heard of the story
I've been wondering if the boat had fire sprinklers
and if the fire alarms were loud enough (and networked)
and just how many seconds the sleepers had to wake up

I've been swimming and freediving all day, and my hearing was not 100% afterwards

Unless my regular house fire alarm is at arms length,
for me its not loud/annoying enough to wake me up within 10 seconds

I did not recognize a fire alarm going off in adjacent apartment

I've slept through a lot of noise
including one time fire truck and firemen responding to fire in adjacent apartment above mine
and I'm told they evacuated building