if you are talking other wildlife attacks, I would want to kill and keep the animal for testing. Dogs, bats, skunks, coyotes, ticks, snakes, spiders, wolves.

That man attacked by a wolf in Canada has to go thru rabies shots. They later killed what they thought was the wolf, but can't be 100%. Antivenin costs in the US can bankrupt a person. Lyme disease can be no fun either.

I don't know what serious diseases bear bites carry. The transmittable to human ones I am aware of come from the human eating the bear. (trichinosis, parasitic worms).

"Taking this line of thought to its logical conclusion, shouldn't we just shoot all bears on sight before they have the opportunity to attack?"

How is that logical? Most bears (or people for that matter) won't attack. Ones that have attacked, do so again frequently enough.

A bear tearing thru your trash can deserves some hazing to keep it from being habituated. A snoot full of pepper spray may be a good thing for the bear. (That and a better trash can).

A bear tearing thru your buddies skull ---

There is a judgement call to be made, in my mind lethal force comes into play at least when the animal has wounded someone.