Inspired by the revival of the "Survival Gear under $30," I wondered which items cost more than $30, and what the total cost of my survival gear was.

Of the sixteen items I carry in what i dub as my "core bag, only one cost more than $30. I was surprised at the total cost, which was $280.I did spend significant bucks on the headlamp in this kit, a Zabralight model which accepts lithium-ion batteries as well as more conventional ones - total $78.50. Everything else was $25, or less. I did not add it expendables, loke Via packets, Esbit tabs, and the like. I also did not add in the cost of relevant topo maps, an absolute necessity.

When I am out and about, I carry this core bag, plus a decent FAK, and water, either in canteens or a bladder, amount depending on conditions.

I have used all of these items at one time or another, and I am confident they could see through an unexpected night or two.

This stuff comes in handy all sorts of ways. Last week I was investigating some prehistoric burial sites in company with two fine native American gentlemen and it came about that we needed to burn some sage to honor the dead. They had the sage, but guess who had the only lighter - my trusty Bic safeguarded in an Exotac holder
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