I have the book. . .It is an excellent resource and is actually out now in its second edition. In looking at the original he considers basic components and then lays out several differing kits.

Chapter 1 Basics of a personal survival kit

Part II The Comonents

Chapter 2 Fire & Light
Chapter 3 Signalling
Chapter 4 Navigation
Chapter 5 Water & Food
Chapter 6 Shelter & Protection
Chapter 7 Knives & Tools
CHapter 8 Medical
Chapter 9 Multi-purpose components
Chapter 10 Miscellaneous components

Part Three -The Kits

Chapter 11 Selecting Containers for Survival kits
Chapter 12 Making Mini & Small kits
Chapter 13 Making Medium & large kits
Chapter 14 Making Vehicle Kits (Truck, boat,ATV, Snowmobile, Aircraft
Chapter 15 In Conclusion

With three Appendices
I Recommended Survival kits
II. Suppliers for Survival Kit Components
III. Survival Training & Reading.

All in all, well written with much analysis. He also discusses tradeoffs and options.

Both editions are available on Amazon with the Second as low as $8.16.