Agree. I tend to avoid items that do too many different things. The item breaks just when you need it most and you lose everything. My small Anker power-bank has ~3400 mAh and I can drop it in my pocket to recharge things like cellphones. Other power banks have more mAhís available but arenít exactly pocket friendly. The lights & radios in the kit run on either AA or AAA Eneloop rechargeable batteries and I have multiples of both sizes. My brighter lights use 18650 Li-ion batteries and spares are available for those too.

Note & OT: I have been delayed finishing up my test of backpackable solar panels, but suffice to say you can expect 60%-80% of the wattage thatís included in the name on a nice sunny day ó devilís in the details. If I had to choose just one, my overall favorite is the Renogy 21W Solar Panel Foldable PowerPort.... Itís small/light enough to carry and can charge anything Iíd take hiking. Small chargers are available for AA, AAA & 18650. The only requirement is that it accepts a USB input.

I suppose if youíre in tornado country a NOAA weather radio might be important, but for me, a good reliable AM/FM radio is enough. Thereís supposedly a NOAA station here but Iíve yet to hear anything relevant. AM radio OTOH is very useful for news and weather. For that, I carry an old Sony ICF-S10MK2 radio (which judging by the prices on-line seems to have reached collector/cult status). The model has been around for a long time and is well tested, but itís just a radio. The Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio seems to be the follow-on model ó better in some ways (battery life), not so much in others (signal reception) ó read the reviews. Should be available for < $20.