There was an employee also helping the gentleman. She was getting his name and other information to record the incident.

She also asked general knowledge questions to assess his mental state. When she asked who the president is, he gave the wrong answer. To which she replied, "It's not a political question. I need to access your mental state."

He or his wife, I forgot which, asked for an icepack. My EDC FAK is too small to hold an icepack. The bus tour company had a cooler on sight and used a plastic bag to make an ice pack. That was the only first aid item they provided. Didn't they have more?

The gentleman and his wife got on the bus. I sat in the seat in front of them so I could continue treating and observing him. Other than what I mentioned, the bus tour company didn't do anything for the man.

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It sounds like his fall was not all that serious (in line to get on a bus), but the elderly may have fragile bones; it often pays to be especially cautious.

I did not see how he fell.

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