For food items I would prefer a fixed blade over the Hippus. It is much easier to keep clean. Victorinox offers good knives for that (called tomato knife, breakfast knife). Monbento has a cuttlery set in a small box.

Like the comment of hikermore this meant to be helpful to improve first aid actions. By helping you already did a good job.
In the case of a fall it is adviseable to assess injuries before helping the victim to get up (are they oriented, do they show signs of brain injury, do they feel pain indicating a broken bone). Have the victim sit down for treatment. The reason for the fall is also important. It may indicate a preexisting condition (in that line the smell of polish remover may indicate problems with blood glucose levels).
Some people show allergic reactions to the application of iodine. Using the wipe for the scrape probably was the better decision.
If it isnīt broken, it doesnīt have enough features yet.