Did anyone else assist you with the gentleman and his head injury? Sometimes you get lucky and it turns into a team effort..

My comments are somewhat critical, but I mean them to be ultimately positive and an assist to you and others who might be aced with a similar situation.

Falls have potentially far more serious consequences than mere cuts and scrapes and someone rendering assistance must be on the lookout for neurological problems and signs of potential brain damage, especially when the head is involved. Is the person normally alert and reactive? coherent? Any swelling, pain, or bruising, especially around the neck and backbone? Are pupils equal and reactive? Symptoms may not appear immediately,but appear as swelling, often internal. progresses.

It sounds like his fall was not all that serious (in line to get on a bus), but the elderly may have fragile bones; it often pays to be especially cautious.

Pessimism pays off when proffering first aid. Look beyond the obvious injury; my experience is that often the most potentially damaging injury (say fractured vertebra) is not obvious and is only revealed during a thorough patient survey.

You did render assistance and your aid was positive and helpful; my remarks are intended to help you, and others who might read this, to do an even better job next time.

I am sure others, with even more experience than I, will chime in with helpful comments.
Geezer in Chief