“Yes to the sterile triangular bandage.

Hemostats can be used to help remove larger splinters/ sliveres, clamp a bleeding vein or artery & help to manipulate a wound or remove debris ( e.g. road rash). I once claimed a jugular cut by glass after the kid tried to run thru the safety glass smoke door wth glass reinforced with chicken wire.

I strongly suggest u rethink stretch gauze vs. co-flex/ vet wrap. In a real emergency, vet wrap more quickly and easily anchors and puts pressure on a dressing, anchors a splint and does so with less material, giving much better bang for the buck. 3” is best compromise size in that I wide enough for a big wond and can be cut in half or thirds for smaller wounds. That was my experience as a EMT in a very dense urban area.

Best of luck