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Let me suggest that it is a bit light on 4x4 gauze pads (skip th3”) . Add 2-3 more 5 x 9” pads. Skip rolled stretch gauze in favor of 3” Vet Wrap.

I had to drop the 4" x 4" for the 3" x 3", drop the number of 5" x 9" pads and drop the 2" CoFlex for the stretch gauze to save space so that I could add the airway and bleeding items. In doing so, I did manage to have a small amount of space left over; not enough to add everything you listed.

With the bleeding items that I do have, I see no reason to add more 5" x 9" pads. There isn't enough space to put the CoFlex back in. Besides, I prefer to work with the stretch gauze.

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Add 1-2 pressure packed triangular bandages ( strerile optional).

Are you referring to the following:


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Add 10 chewable children’saspirin, for heart attacks , that’s 2 doses.

I have that in my EDC bag.

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Add a flat 6” hemostat or 2.

Why a hemostat?

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