No CPR mask?

I vouch for the CAT tourniquet as well. Seen these used first hand a few times overseas so I know they work. A lot of military units issue them for a reason I guess. Itís nice to have a practice one and a couple in your kit clean and ready for use.

Donít underestimate how much gauze you might need for a bad injury. It would surprise most folks how much it can take to stop a major bleed. Depends on what you use the kit for I guess.

I split my kits into normal FA (small routine injuries) and a trauma kit. I keep 2 kits in each vehicle (small in the glove box, large under the front seat) and a very large, comprehensive kit at home. I have a smaller one for my hunting/ outdoor activityís and my issued one sits in my gear at work. Most times you will only need a bandaid or something small so for me I like keeping the large, rarely used trauma specific items in a separate pouch. Saves getting blood on everything every time I cut a finger or need to dig a splinter out of myself.

Be wary of the plastic windlass on the CAT though. It doesnít fair well in extreme cold.