Watched some of the video, but not all. They are loading up a vehicle, so what is wrong with a bit of disorganization? In our actual bugout, I first threw in my day pack, which had ten essentials and a FAK, to start the process, followed by jugs of water, essential papers and records, then my CERT pack, all of which supplemented the larger FAK which resides in the car permanently and a range of other useful items.

If you are toting a backpack, organization and careful selectivity is absolutely critical - you definitely must pay attention to weight and select for anticipated environmental conditions.

If you are loading up a vehicle, these considerations are much less important. you can carry a lot of items which aren't crucial, but that might be handy to have.

I kept a pack designed to function for SAR for several years. it was very similar to what today is termed a Bug Out Bag. It eventually contained the items I would need for at least two days in the field. When we were called, the necessary response ranged from "right now" to tomorrow morning, so the bag had to be ready to deploy instantly in a potentially wide variety of environments - snowy mountains, desert and grasslands, caves, or even swift water, flooding environments,

One gets in the habit of evaluating gear - is there something better (lighter, more versatile) which might do the job? Eventually you develop a rig that suits the purpose quite well.

Now I just keep my day pack ready to go, with a much less extensive FAK, but definitely extra food and water (and TP!). It definitely helps to keep the rest of your stuff reasonably well organized to you can grab important papers and mementos if you have to leave in a hurry. Pretty good chance that someday you just might have to...
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