There was a video on YouTube published by Sensible Prepper (Sootch00) regarding a "group bug-out practise". He and his family and other like-minded survivalist called for a practise of their preps. It didn't show their actual bug-out location but just how they gathered together. The met at a parking lot, where Sootch00 videoed the contents of what everyone brought. He showed his equipment first, all organized into a series of backpacks and totes. The others were definitely not well thought out or as organized. Instead it looked like a mish-mash of bags, equipment, clothing, supplies all thrown into the back of whatever bug-out vehicle they had. The owners all opened their supplies up for video showing what they had. A few were semi-organized into backpacks but some just threw "stuff" into cardboard boxes (probably a real life simulation if they had to get out of the house right away).

I was surprised with the amount of bubble-wrapped products and lack of organization. The only way most could carry what they had was with their vehicle. Putting it on your back was simply out of the question with the veritable mountain of "stuff" they had. The bubble-wrap suggests that most of them had not even practised using their equipment and that they just plucked it off the shelf and hope for the best. I would hope that most of the people would have learned from that exercise and repacked their gear! Some were very inexperienced and green when it comes to prepping but heck, are we all beginners at some point? FYI, His channel is very heavy on firearms.