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Well now, end of the world is something there is nothing one can do to prepare for. Well perhaps some excellent alcohol. Go meet your maker with the taste of a good cognac on your palet.

Lol. This guy gets it.

I used to lie awake worrying about that stuff when I was younger. I like to think I have more of a handle on that now that Iím 40 and a lot more mature. Thereís so much out of our control in this life you are simply wasting precious time if you let it bother you. Survival prep for me is interesting because I spend a lot of time outdoors (plus my job demands a certain level of it). I could easily get lost in the woods (again) or fall thru the ice (again) or tip my kayak in a remote area and have to spend a few nights surviving (hasnít happened yet, knock on wood) and lord knows being Army and constantly deploying to foreign countries has put me in some interesting situations, but I no longer worry about the complete end of the world.

If it happens it happens.