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Your list is a very good start and I like that you are using it as a 'starting point' as well. I agree with the other comments and would add to it having a "general" lantern type light in addition to the flashlights. I've got a small streamlight siege which is great for area lighting. Here is an example from Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Streamlight-44941-Ultra-Compact-Lantern-Battery/dp/B00OW5AK22 Having an inexpensive headlamp can be very helpful too - working in the dark hands free is sometimes necessary.

Mom has several lanterns similar to what you linked. However, none of us has a headlamp.

A couple of you mentioned a radio. While that's good for weather and general information, I keep up with what's happening through alternative sources. For that, I need access to the Internet which I may not have.

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