Your list is a very good start and I like that you are using it as a 'starting point' as well. I agree with the other comments and would add to it having a "general" lantern type light in addition to the flashlights. I've got a small streamlight siege which is great for area lighting. Here is an example from Amazon - Having an inexpensive headlamp can be very helpful too - working in the dark hands free is sometimes necessary.

Having a radio is important to stay aware of developments and conditions - I've got that covered with my ham gear but it's worth considering something for listening if not also talking. Cell service is notorious for going out in extreme situations so, don't count on them except as a stand-alone unconnected device.

tossing in a multi-tool may be worth it too - even a really small one as pliers etc. can be very useful too. Along with the edibles I always include hard candy - lifesavers or whatever as they are quick and easy pick-me-ups.

Paul -