Introduced an EMT to the benefits of carrying an Emerson Knives N-SAR, and to the usefulness of a nasal cannula at 15lpm. under a non rebreather set to a flow rate such that the bag doesn't deflate more then half with the patients deepest fastest respiration, or under a BVM with a PEEP valve, not activated, just on the exhalation valve, provides enough resistance to exhalation to resolve most pulmonary shunting causes, or under a CPAP/BIPAP mask. That a nasal cannula at 15lpm. provides enough positive pressure to allow apneic respirations; even if the patients not breathing, if they have a pulse, there's enough positive pressure to cause diffusion across the alveolar membrane. It also helps denitrification, and puts the patient in a much more tenable position for intubation. Putting one provider in a better position to care for his patients.