Update from Anchorage.

Things are gradually getting back to normal in the Anchorage area. Some buildings and businesses are closed due to broken pipes, damaged power systems etc. Some structures are still being evaluated for safety. But by and large, the town is functioning surprisingly well. One reason may be that as a result of the 1964 quake, Anchorage has strict building codes. There are very few brick buildings and little unreinforced masonry construction in town. Many older buildings have had seismic retrofits for life safety. And we were fortunate that the quake was fairly deep. If it had been at a shallower depth, I would be writing a different story.

Nearly all roads are passable, though a couple of major routes have lane restrictions which will impede commuters. Repairs are underway, but take longer in the winter. Only a couple of roads/streets are impassable. The Seward Highway (the only route south to the Kenai) is passable, but rock fall continues and officials are discouraging all but very essential travel.
Earthquake damaged roads

Schools are closed this week for safety evaluation and clean up. So far it appears that only one school (one of the oldest in the district) has serious structural damage and is considered unsafe to occupy. Many other schools have minor structural damage, bookshelves dumped on the floor, minor flooding from sprinklers, etc. Most of these are expected to be up and running by next week.
School damage status

The Port of Anchorage is intact. About 90% of the stuff we buy in stores, and also our fuel, comes through the port. There was some minor damage, but operations are continuing normally. There was some panic buying immediately after the quake, and some stores lost stock to to earthquake damage. North of Anchorage in Eagle River, gas stations were closed for awhile due to power outages, but things seem to be OK now. Supply lines are intact, and serious shortages do not seem to be an issue.
Earthquake hasnít disrupted food and fuel supply to Anchorage so far

There have been no reported fatalities, and only a few serious injuries due to the quake. There was no civil unrest. No zombie apocalypse. By and large people looked out for each other. We won't know the full cost of repair/replacement for awhile, and it will no doubt be expensive. But it's clear we will be OK.
"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more."
-Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz