Yes to all of the above. As stated, did I survive the impact, am I unconscious, hence likely toast, am I injured, curtailing/preventing my ability to self extricate, can I breath, or am I holding my breath all the way down and then all the way back up, can I do that, or will I drown. Do I have a PFD on, needs to be manually inflating, in fact anything attached to me has to be neutrally buoyant, or it can inhibit extrication. How am I managing cold shock, have I aspirated water, where's rescue, how am I clothed, where's shore...All pass/fail without guarantees. Qne can only do the best they can, but to me, doing nothing is unacceptable. And I would replicate all the above in my wife's and kids cars, but they won't have it, and I don't have any grand kids in my car, yet. I can only imaging the average person in this kind of situation, they have no clue, and would most probably die, from one cause or another.