Thank you for the responses. As stated, if the other option is drowning, just about anything is a better option. This is pass/fail, every step of the way, without any guarantees under the best of circumstances.

Nothing pertaining to this is in the trunk. Was looking at an Estwing rock hammer, big, heavy, gross motor skills compatible, probably effective, but sorely in need of bomb proof lock down, I do not want this thing flying around the interior of the car in a roll over. And yes, locks on consoles and glove boxes, do fail, unless locked, but I don't want to have to fiddle with keys, under these circumstances, so an accessible yet secure option needs to be found. For now, window punch and Rip shears ( are secured in Molle loops on drivers side visor with orange 550 loops and is duplicated on the PFD.

Center punches (aka window punches) General Tools makes a punch that you just put on the window and push, it has adjustable tension/force, and at some point, it trips and breaks the window. Steel construction, with replaceable tips, kept well greased, but it is smaller and not gross motor compliant. Snap On and Rescue Tool Man, both make spring punches, hold the hardened point against the glass, pull back the spring, and release, breaking the glass, I've used both, and they work as advertised, but neither is a hammer. Just an aside, none of the above, save for maybe the hammer, work for the windshield, or for vehicles with Lexan (plastic) side and rear windows.

Education: I hear there is a school in Groton CT., that teaches such, may have to look into it. As always, knowledge before toys.