I will 'second' the layer idea. Now that cold weather is upon (most) of us I have a "layer two" in my every day coat. There is also the bag in the car just across the street when yet more goodies are available.

As others have said, keeping additional supplies and/or alternative equipment around in the extra office drawer, car, computer bag or where ever, is that third layer and just a good idea.

I recently got some cheap older hand held UHF/VHF dual band ham radios which also receive commercial FM broadcast and all the NOAA channels and have put one of them with some extra battery packs etc. in my office kennel too. It's older so also covers GMRS and the FRS bands so I've got alternative communications to just the cell phone. Keeping some simple tools and a multi-tool and some 'junk' food, water bottles (also a water carrier) and longer term 'real' food in the spare file drawer is something I also have set up. We've always got first-aid supplies at the office so I can also quickly augment my personal EDC FAK if something comes up. Don't forget to keep a roll or two of quarters around in case you can still raid vending machines - and in a pinch they are great in a sock as an improvised sap.

Paul -