It's going to be really cold. What can you do to make things a bit warmer and make a comfortable night possible?

Choose your camp site with care. Stay out of the bottom of drainages - cold air sinks - a level spot out of the bottom is best - ridge crests are likely to be windy. Take advantage of any natural shelter. A dry rock shelter can be ideal, especially if faces the rising sun...

A good sleeping bag is priceless when facing a cold night, but the rating of any bag can be exceeded. Be sure and insulate from the ground below by anything handy - a foam pad, dry leaves, whatever... Roll out your bag and give it time to puff out to get full advantage.

I like to wear a full layer of dry clothing to bed - synthetic tights, long sleeve tops, and something on the head, especially to cover the neck. This protects the bag as well as warming you.

A companion in the bivy sack or tent makes you both warmer. You might be cramped, but you will be cramped and warm.

Food, especially something with protein, and a bit o exercise helps you generate heat, but don't overdo it.

Anything you can add which will increase the thickness of your insulation surrounding you will make you warmer - just don't compress the insulation in your bag.

Years ago, we measured the temperature differential inside and outside the poncho we had stretched over our our sleeping bags. There was a 5 degree difference, so just about any barrier between you and the open sky is worthwhile.

A fire will keep you warm, but some kind of a reflector is really essential. No reflector means one side will be hot, while the other side is extremely cold. You can't imagine how I know this...

I have experienced some really cold, miserable nights, but on every occasion, i did get some rest, and was more capable in the morning. The sun will rise - just be patient.

I am sure others will have tricks and tips to add to this heated topic....Fire away!
Geezer in Chief