Zero Hedge certainly doesn't minimize the problem, but I prefer the information provided by the USGS; You can read a piece concerning the Hayward Fault which is concerning, without hyping the very definite hazards.

The problem is that earthquakes are, as far as we know now, inherently unpredictable. Sometimes smaller quakes are foreshocks for larger ones, but quite often they are not. One can only be certain after the events have played out. Sometimes smaller quakes relieve strain on a fault system, but they also can increase strain and trigger a big one.

One can be certain that earthquakes will happen, at unpredictable intervals, at unpredictable intensities and that the current best strategy is to be alert and organized.

My gas tank is approaching half full; remind me to fill up tomorrow.

As it currently stands, the early warning system is of limited or no value to the general populace, but enhancements are coming. Developers are warning that there will be inevitable bugs in the system, leading to false alarms, etc. The hope is that these glitches will not cause us to lose faith in the system.
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