Thanks, looks like a good reference/text book.
Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills Paperback October 5, 2017

Just a quick look at the books organization:
Part I, Outdoor Fundamentals
Chapter 1: First Steps
Chapter 2: Clothing and Equipment
Chapter 3: Camping, Food, and Water
Chapter 4: Physical Conditioning
Chapter 5: Navigation
Chapter 6: Wilderness Travel
Chapter 7: Leave No Trace
Chapter 8: Access and Stewardship

Part II, Climbing Fundamentals
Chapter 9: Basic Safety System
Chapter 10: Belaying
Chapter 11: Rappelling

Part III, Rock Climbing
Chapter 12: Alpine Rock Climbing
Chapter 13: Rock Protection
Chapter 14: Leading on Rock
Chapter 15: Aid and Big Wall Climbing

Part IV, Snow, Ice, And Alpine Climbing
Chapter 16: Snow Travel and Climbing
Chapter 17: Avalanche Safety
Chapter 18: Glacier Travel and Crevasse Rescue
Chapter 19: Alpine Ice Climbing
Chapter 20: Waterfall Ice and Mixed Climbing
Chapter 21: Expedition Climbing

Part V, Leadership, Safety, And Rescue
Chapter 22: Leadership
Chapter 23: Safety
Chapter 24: First Aid
Chapter 25: Alpine Rescue

Part VI, The Mountain Environment
Chapter 26: Mountain Geology
Chapter 27: The Cycle of Snow
Chapter 28: Mountain Weather

Im at best a novice at anything in parts II, III & IV, but it looks interesting.