The laws of physics are a bit hard to argue with. Here's the foot/pounds handgun calibres produce in Corbon DPX, which the stopping power guru Evan Marshall says 'is simply the best'.
Whether you agree with him or not, you can see that the major calibres of 38 Super Auto + P,.357 mag, .357 sig, 10mm, .40, 45 Auto + P and 400 Corbon, don't actually have that much foot pounds between them.
And the 9mm + P isn't a huge way behind (15% between it and the .357 Mag).
And as has often been said; the only thing the different schools of stopping power agree on is; you have to actually hit the target to achieve anything. Carry the most powerful you can hit something with, if you are going with a firearm.

Easiest to read on the page:

Part Number Handgun Caliber Bullet Weight Average Velocity/Energy Barrel Length
DPX3260/20 32 Auto 60gr DPX 1050fps/147ftlbs 2.5

DPX38080/20 380 Auto 80gr DPX 1050fps/196ftlbs 2.5

DPX0995/20 9mm Luger 95gr DPX 1300fps/357ftlbs 3.5

DPX09115/20 9mm Luger +P 115gr DPX 1250fps/399ftlbs 4

DPX38110/20 38 Special+P 110gr DPX 1050fps/269ftlbs 1.875

DPX357125/20 357 Mag 125gr DPX 1300fps/469ftlbs 4
DPX38X125/20 38 Super Auto+P 125gr DPX 1350fps/506ftlbs 5

DPX357SIG125/20 357 Sig 125gr DPX 1350fps/506ftlbs 4

DPX40140/20 40 S&W 140gr DPX 1200fps/448ftlbs 4

DPX10155/20 10mm Auto 155gr DPX 1200fps/496ftlbs 4.6

DPX400CB155/20 400 CORŽBON 155gr DPX 1200fps/496ftlbs 4.6

DPX41180/20 41 Rem Mag 180gr DPX 1300fps/676ftlbs 4

DPX44S200/20 44 S&W Special 200gr DPX 950fps/401ftlbs 4

DPX44M225/20 44 Rem Mag 225gr DPX 1350fps/911ftlbs 8.375

DPX45160/20 45 Auto 160gr DPX 1050fps/392ftlbs 3

DPX45185/20 45 Auto+P 185gr DPX 1075fps/475ftlbs 5

DPX45C225/20 45 Colt +P* 225gr DPX 1200fps/720ftlbs 7.25

DPX454250/20 454 Casull 250gr DPX 1650fps/1512ftlbs 7.5

HT460SW275/20 460 S&W Magnum 275gr DPX 1825fps/2034ftlbs 8.375

HT500SW275/12 500 S&W Magnum 275gr DPX 1665fps/1688ftlbs 8.375

HT500SW325/12 500 S&W Magnum 325gr DPX 1800fps/2338ftlbs 8.375
*Not Loaded to SAAMI Specifications. Please see our FAQ.

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