The man described later how his choice of projectile was made that day.

" I’m in the off season so there’s “man stopper” hollow points in my glock that was sitting in my truck door. I wasn’t hunting! Exercising dogs remember. For all you “know it all’s” I’m fully aware that those rounds are not bear medicine. I use 220 grain hard cast when I’m actually hunting.

2. The glock did not malfunction on its own. When I smashed it against the bears body I took it out of battery and was clearly my fault. sorry I was a little stressed at the moment! No fault of the pistol. Also the reason he didn’t crash then was I missed his spine. Sorry he wasn’t holding still for me.

[censored] that made the comment about me not holding my ground just simply hasn’t been in this situation. It was either move or he’s gonna run me over! I guess you’d have held your ground anyhow huh?

4. I have great big heavy revolvers. They’re great guns. But as one of you said earlier if this situation doesn’t make you a high capacity mag guy nothing will. I’ll never go “dangerous situation” anymore without one! So I definitely agree on that. No more five shooters for me!

5. No holster because I was just exercising dogs remember? I didn’t even have a gun until wife showed up with my truck. Forgive me for that!

6. And as far as bear spray give me the gun every time. The author here, Dean has basically proven heavily that contrary to popular belief guns are way more effective then bear spray. Do your research and make your best judgment according to your own needs.

Sorry I just had to pipe up because I got angry reading all you arm chair QB’s criticism. This was a spooky gosh dang deal! I apologize to all of you that commented who were cordial and I really appreciate some of your comments. It’s not my intention to offend anyone. It just shows how the internet allows a person to just mouth off with no repercussions. My apologies and y’all can now say anything you want I just had to pipe up a little. Take care!