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As a Glock 9mm carrier I was particularly interested in this -

The magazine only has 10-12 rounds in it. A few months earlier, he had heard the theory of "spring set". He decided not to keep the magazine fully loaded.

I Googled it, but could not find anything except ads for after-market springs for Glocks.

The spring set probably is not that much of a problem. It mainly is an issue with material and heat treatment. Springs loose some tension when they experience sustained stress beyond a certain level for extended periods of time. For a service pistol that should have been taken in consideration for design. If the set happens you might loose a round or two from your magazine capacity. When you take the pistol to the range for practice, a developing FTF problem should be detected early enough to take measures (i. e. change the spring or the entire magazine).
I have some buddies who are LEOs and have their magazine fully loaded when on duty. None of them mentioned problems with magazine springs.
If it isnīt broken, it doesnīt have enough features yet.