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Got a new 2GoSystems Trifecta tarp/blanket/bivy. Its to replace my SOL Escape bivy and be a reflector tarp. The SOL version was also made of Tyvek and aluminumized but it was orange on the outside which is too bright for ordinary camping. It was too small at only 31" wide and was more suitable as a sleeping bag liner than as a bivy on the outside of a bag.

The Trifecta is 35.4"W x 87.7"L and comes with a full-length waterproof zipper on three sides and 9 tie-outs (one in the middle) to make versatile as a tarp. Its bigger than the Grabber tarp as well, although not as durable; it is semi-breathable while being mostly water resistant. Some would say waterproof. It is a muted green with an equally muted grey logo imprinted on it.

I need to try it out this weekend - but in these temps, I expect I won't need a sleeping bag as the temps are only expected to drop to 10C. I can probably sleep in my clothes with a pad underneath me. They say it should be good for a 6-8C improvement from sleeping in the open air.

Oops! The forecast was for 10C, and just hours before the forecast had dropped to 7C; I only brought the bivy without a backup. The actual temperature was 4C after the clouds and forest smoke cleared off. I woke up at 2:30, relieved myself and was chilled so I put on my wool anorak and was good until 5:30 where I had to get up again to relieve. At that point, the only thing cold on me was my feet where I was wearing a single pair of socks. I was actually pleased that it got colder than expected and that I had a truer test of the bivy. The Tyvek was reasonably breathable and no moisture collected on it. It had loads of room even wearing the anorak. The reflective coating on the Tyvek just worked.

I am impressed -- this equipment is going into my everyday kit and will be used to extend the seasons my other sleeping gear. (I have a 0, -7 and -12C down bags and a -12C polyester bag). The -7 bag is oversized but it wasn't quite designed to be used as an overbag. I should be able to insert the 0 bag inside that one and put them into the bivy to use as a really cold weather system. But I will have to wait several months to try that out. I can wait. smile