This has been a most informative thread and has resulted in my first ever purchase of a dedicated TQ (I probably will add another model, as well, most likely the CAT).

But let's do keep this in perspective - most bleeding can be stopped with direct pressure. That has been my experience attending to well over 100 accident scenes with blood flow.

And no system is perfect - windlasses can break. Pneumatics have their problems as well. Imagine applying a pneumatic at 4,000 feet to a patient who will ascend to 8,000 feet, to eventually land at a hospital at 2,500 feet (been there, done that).

If there is one significant injury, there is probably another, potentially even more serious, problem with the victim that is easy to overlook (often a spinal complication) that require careful handling.

Max makes an excellent point about treating someone close to you. In fact, if you have any, it will probably be your offspring. So handle your DNA with care!

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