The only place a tourniquet will kill the patient is on the neck, and EVERYBODY knows you do not put a tourniquet on the neck

The SWAT-T is great for pressure dressings, also a good elastic bandage. These are also very helpful when you need to put pressure on the femoral artery high up in the groin area, where a tourniquet will not work.

The CAT is very light and packs small, where the SOF tourniquet is a bit heavier and bulkier. The CAT can fail in the plastic bar you use to torque the pressure (the windlass), it can break, but the newer ones are stronger. It usually only happens if it is used multiple times (such as training). I have never seen a new one fail.

For torso wounds, obviously, a tourniquet will not work and direct pressure, a clotting agent or surgical methods are the only options.