Direct pressure will probably work for the majority of serious bleeding wounds and for those I like the SWAT-Tís 4Ē width which happens to be the width of a 4x4 gauze pad or a 4x3 non-stick pad. Apply direct pressure to stop the bleeding and then you get your hands back.

Self-adherent wraps apply some pressure, but with the SWAT-T you can dial it up to the point of constriction if necessary. Not sure a self-adherent wrap will get that tight without failing.

The CAT otoh is a dedicated tourniquet, if I decide to go with that option, my intent is no pulse below the TQ.

There are places on the body where no pulse past a certain point means you kill the patient; itís really really bad form to kill the patient. For those situations, DP is the only way to go ó think neck wounds.