After reconsidering the intent of the largish FAK in my truck, Iíve decided to focus it more on wound trauma that might be encountered at a traffic accident. My bicycle kit needed a tourniquet, but so does my truck kit and thereís room. So it gets two Tís - the C-A-T that was there already and the SWAT-T that was going in my bicycle kit. The second C-A-T in the truck goes into the bike kit for now. Iím kinda liking the SWAT-T.

Around here (and elsewhere) any serious traffic accident will have LE, Fire and EMTís responding, but that takes time and the first person on-scene is usually someone other than a professional. Any severe bleeding needs to be controlled by the first person there ó certified or not ó or the accident victim may not survive for the EMTís.

So two different Tís, one will work better. I think I prefer the C-A-T because of the windlass and its ability to seriously constrict blood flow. But the SWAT-T seems to be fairly versatile and at 4Ē wide might be better for direct pressure where a ďtourniquetĒ is not required. Iím not sure one is better than the other ó different, not necessarily better.

In case youíre wondering, this is my version of life insurance, mine or some strangerís. Probably cheaper than one monthís payment on the traditional $ coverage. Iím wondering why I didnít do this before now.