JI, nice kit. May I suggest that if you are carrying 6, 5”x9” trauma pads, u need more Coflex or, better yet, 2-3, 3” roles of Vet Tape, to strap on the trauma pads. Add a roll of 1” waterproof adhesive tape. It is easier to apply than duct tape and more flexible. But keep the duct tape. Did you give any thought to one or two Israeli 6” , doulble pad bandages , in place of 1-2 f the 5”x9” pads? They are the gold standard for Trauma bandaging. Inexpensive substitute for a chest seal is sterile, foil wrapped Vaseline gauze pad. Watch the U-Tube video for application instruction.

Is your tweezers needle nose. It should be for effective splinter removal. And, especially in ur part of the country , a tick key or equivalent.

In my years as an EMT and the neighborhood first-aid Dad, I found u never pack too many/ enough sterile 4”x4” gauze pads. IMO, ur 6 is too few. 10 is a minimum and 20 is better.

A headlamp keeps ur hands free to give aid. Use AA or AAA lithium batteries for long life and no corrson.

If u r going to give assistance to strangers,e.g. car accidents, I’d add a pair of swim goggles and 2-3, N-95 masks to fend off blood spatter. If you are going to rescue breath, a one way valve mask is a must. Even reusable ones aren’t too expensive and single use ones are very inexpensive. The 28 French NF airways u mentioned r a good idea.

I’d also suggest u buy or assemble a better emergency dental kit. Just Google them and pick.
Finally, keep 2 or more, 20oz. , push-pull drink tops of bottled water, along with a few single wrapped iodine pads. One pad in bottle for wound cleaning and one to pour in ur rehydration powder.

Misc. Edit: waterproof pad + pen, #11 disposable sterile scalpel, 6-10 Wet Wipes invidual wipes for wound/ skin cleaning, small magnifier for splinters, thin waterproof marker pen to note tourniquet application with “T” and time , on victims cheek. Make sure ur aspirin is chewable childrens’ 82mg ( 6 is suspected heart attack dose), ibuprofen and acetaminophen together in the correct dosage ( Google it) is now said to give almost as much pain relief as common opoid tablets.


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