I have a Delica, but one with the SS handle rather than the much lighter weight FRN. What disappointed me was that the blade came with a saber grind rather than flat grind. Thatís just the way Spyderco made them. Now that summer is here (in SOCAL summer comes early) the weight of a knife is noticeable particularly when wearing lightweight nylon. That brings me to the Delica at the link, however, the Dozierís $21.38 is like 1/3 the price of $74.72 - nice.

Jeanette - The obvious answer is to get both the Dozier and one of the cheap utility knives. The Dozier goes with you as part of your EDC supplementing your EMT shears; the utility knife stays wherever you open packages and cut up cardboard. $.02, but thatís how Iíd do it and itís a rationale to buy another sharp wink