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Jaqui... we made it all the way down to 39 (F not C), and I switched out of shorts for a couple of days.... and if any of you watch "Live, PD"... Pasco County actually has some pretty good people living in it smile

That's respectfully cold where you are, Les. I started wearing a toque full time this week. wink

We're firmly in Winter's grasp here now. We've had two decent snowfalls this week and lots of wind. We woke up to more flurries this morning. I think we're expecting the temperature to come up a little today to only feel like -14C. We're in no danger of having to dig out, but it's very cold and slippery. The roads are a mess. We were expecting flurries yesterday but ended up with a mini snow storm instead. Traffic was predictably terrible. (I'm really glad I work at home.) There's a nice layer of ice between the layers of snow, so walking is tricky. This maybe the year that Santa delivers snowshoes. wink

That said, it is beautiful out there. Bacpacgirl and I are going on a hike today. We're going to practice staying warm, hopefully with some flint and steel fire making in the snow with a little brew up.

I got a chilly reminder about the importance of layering on Tuesday, when I dragged the girls to school on the sled. I was totally overdressed, and wore a cotton bra to boot! UGH! I was SO hot and sweaty. I brought the little one home after drop-off, so I could change before we headed out on our hike. I was perfectly comfortable after that, but I had a chill all day because of that start. smirk

Re: black clothes. I have this conversation daily with my teenager. He leaves for school before the sun comes up and visibility is an issue. He's got reflective bits on his boots, coat and backpack, and knows not to jaywalk, but it worries me. We've drilled into his head since he was little, not to take the attention and skill of drivers for granted. Assume that they aren't going to see you. I'm always trying to up the safety factor. He always rolls his eyes and suggests that I drive him instead. UGH!
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