I purchased a 20-lire gas can for the vehicle and reflective tape for my clothes/pack.

A few weeks ago, I almost hit a pedestrian! GULP!

The problem was he was dressed entirely in black - non-reflective black overcoat, black gloves, black pants and black shoes. I was waiting to turn right at a parking lot exit that was not well lit (new moon as well). The pedestrian walked in front of me when the vehicle in front cleared the exit and turned right. I started to drive forward. I could not see the fellow; he was for all intents invisible to me. The only thing I could see between the glare of the traffic turning in was his white face! It wasn't until he moved into my headlight beam that I could see the rest of him. I wasn't sure which one of us was going to have the heart attack! Naturally, he was upset, thought it was all my fault and gave me the one-finger salute.

So that moved me to think - I too have a dark black jacket. So I ordered some reflective tape from Amazon and received it last night. Time to add a few accents to my clothing and to my pack. I want to be noticed - I don't want to be a victim of another driver's inability to see me.

Right now at this time of year, there is only 8 hours of daylight where I live. Its dark when I go to work and dark when I go home. Stay safe out there.