I used to be in the Civil Air Patrol. A large piece of blaze (hunter) orange fabric that can be tied up in a tree or worn on a pack is GREAT for being spotted. Having a blaze orange poncho or reversible jacket/hat is also great. A signal mirror (glass based, not metal) can really get the attention of an aircrew looking for you.

I now carry an orange hunting vest and handkerchief in my survival kit at all times. I also include an 18x18" flag that has been hemmed so I can run parachute cord thru it to tie on me, my shelter, car, rifle barrel, etc.

When you're searching for someone or something, things that stand out from the surrounding foliage are what we're looking for. If there's sparkling snow, rocks, etc the strobe would be easily overlooked. Most air crews are pulled back to their airport as dusk approaches, so the strobe would be of little use for them. If you had it on a pole, so it could be seen from all directions, ground crews might be able to see it.

If you've been hunting at dawn & dusk, you know that blaze orange really stands out.